Tuesday, March 27

DIY Anna Wintour Emerald Necklace

Hello girls! This is probably one of the best DIY ideas I got: the Anna Wintour Necklace DIY. Well, I don't think I have to introduce you to the famous American Vogue Editor. I have long been eager to do this necklace, it's just a matter of finding the right materials. Which are so far difficult, wandering around Milan like a duck looking for a pond. So here's what you need:
emerald rhinestones
4 round silver connectors
2 silver locks
2 chains
1 long nose pliers

Tuesday, March 20

DIY YSL Card Holder with Studs

Aside from a good DSLR camera, a blogger needs a fine card holder. If the continues sick exchange rate stops you from buying that YSL card holder, you don't have to worry because you can make one for yourself. On my experience, two-pocket card holders are better than one because during events, I use the first pocket for my own cards and the last, to insert the ones I will be receiving. It is also important if your are invited on an event get yourself noticed or remembered, so I thought of adding a few studs to give it an edgy impression. This DIY is budget friendly but still "à la mode." I fish for materials on weekend flea markets here in Milan because they're not only reasonably priced but also you can make a good hag. Tip: if you go on a flea market ask for a good piece of leather enough to make a card holder, you don't need too much. Vendors will give you what you want if you are specific (e.g. kind of leather, measurement, etc.). I bought my metalized leather for 5 euros while, the studs 10 cents each at merceria (a sartorial store).
What you need:
metalized leather
5 pcs studs
sewing machine
a coin

Sunday, March 18

DIY Hilary Rhoda Necklace

google images
Ciao ragazze! Here's s new and easy DIY you can add to your accesories - a necklace and bracelet in one! Inspired by Hilary Rhoda, one of the "World's Next Top Model" as featured on the American Vogue along with famous models 
 Doutzen KroesCaroline TrentiniRaquel ZimmermannSasha PivovarovaAgyness DeynCoco RochaJessica StamChanel Iman, and Lily Donaldson.   Also giving you the option of using this season's color trends like yellow and green.I am really happy with the end result knowing that I could maximize the use of this accesory, besides, it can be paired for any day or night wear.

Saturday, February 25

DIY Alexa Chung Studded Shirt

Alexa Chung Studded Shirt
Quiet recently, I have been eager to accesorize something out of studs. I find it hard to look for this small hardware. Not knowing I could buy it at a merceria - small Italian shop where you can buy fabrics, threads, needles and all things for the sartorial department. This DIY is inspired by Alexa Chung's studded shirt.
What you need:
a white shirt
12 studs 

Tuesday, February 21

DIY MOSCHINO inspired Cardigan

Hello guys - I am sorry that I haven't posted much on this page. Don't worry, I got lots of ideas on my inspiration folder that I want to share with you. Also, as soon as I find enough time this blog will be up and running. So please bear with me. Anyway, I want to share with your this very simple recycling of a winter cardigan for spring. This is inspired from Moschino Cheap and Chic jacket last SS11 - it's not exactly the same but somehow the idea is there. You can design yours with different-colored rhinestones. As for me, I just want it minimal. I know, a lot of you have lots of stuff from previous season that you still would like to use on the next. Only 3 easy steps and no-rocket science.Let me get down to that.
an old cardigan
crystal silver rhinestones
needle and thread

Saturday, January 28

DIY: fur neck warmer

Hello guys and welcome to my DIY blog! Here in northern Italy the weather is becoming more fierce and on tv they are forecasting a snow precipitation in the coming days. So, to get you warm I thought of doing this DIY fur neck warmer. It is very easy and if you did your own please let me know - I would love to see what colors you choose. I sure will be doing more DIY so please subscribe for you not to miss any post.