Saturday, January 28

DIY: fur neck warmer

Hello guys and welcome to my DIY blog! Here in northern Italy the weather is becoming more fierce and on tv they are forecasting a snow precipitation in the coming days. So, to get you warm I thought of doing this DIY fur neck warmer. It is very easy and if you did your own please let me know - I would love to see what colors you choose. I sure will be doing more DIY so please subscribe for you not to miss any post.

What you need:
a scissor
a needle
black thread
black ribbon
any fur of choice
1. Cut into half the ribbon at any length of your choice and sew to attached it with the fur. On my case I use a fur that I took from a jacket - it doesn't have to be a new one.
2. After attaching the black ribbons on both sides, it will look like this.
3. Then you are now ready to warm your neck against the cold winter. Opt for a cute ribbon tie to embellish your look.You can also check my DIY Dolce&Gabbana inspired short here.

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