Tuesday, March 27

DIY Anna Wintour Emerald Necklace

Hello girls! This is probably one of the best DIY ideas I got: the Anna Wintour Necklace DIY. Well, I don't think I have to introduce you to the famous American Vogue Editor. I have long been eager to do this necklace, it's just a matter of finding the right materials. Which are so far difficult, wandering around Milan like a duck looking for a pond. So here's what you need:
emerald rhinestones
4 round silver connectors
2 silver locks
2 chains
1 long nose pliers

1. Open the 4 round silver connectors using the pliers, it's easier if you have 2 pliers.
2. Slip the chain and the rhinestones on the round silver connector.
3. Then slip the connectors on the locks, too.
4.After inserting the chain and the lock in the connector, crimp it to lock together. Repeat the 1st step, to the 4th step on the other side to complete the necklace.
Now, you are ready to wear your Anna Wintour necklace and flaunt  like a Vogue Editor!

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