Tuesday, March 20

DIY YSL Card Holder with Studs

Aside from a good DSLR camera, a blogger needs a fine card holder. If the continues sick exchange rate stops you from buying that YSL card holder, you don't have to worry because you can make one for yourself. On my experience, two-pocket card holders are better than one because during events, I use the first pocket for my own cards and the last, to insert the ones I will be receiving. It is also important if your are invited on an event get yourself noticed or remembered, so I thought of adding a few studs to give it an edgy impression. This DIY is budget friendly but still "à la mode." I fish for materials on weekend flea markets here in Milan because they're not only reasonably priced but also you can make a good hag. Tip: if you go on a flea market ask for a good piece of leather enough to make a card holder, you don't need too much. Vendors will give you what you want if you are specific (e.g. kind of leather, measurement, etc.). I bought my metalized leather for 5 euros while, the studs 10 cents each at merceria (a sartorial store).
What you need:
metalized leather
5 pcs studs
sewing machine
a coin

1. You can use this lay-out (9cm x 12cm standard size)I created for easy cutting of leather. Make sure to cut the leather on the ironical side for better result - like the photo below.
2. Place the studs on the leather and mark them. Cut the marked parts for easy insertion of the studs.
3. Use a coin to prong the studs, like the ones below.
4. Sew the right side of leather leaving a triangle pattern, do the same on the other part. Then connect the two sides but sewing in the middle, as shown bellow.
5. Sew the first pocket of the card holder on the middle, again using a triangle pattern but smaller than the top, repeat on the other side.
6. Now, flip the lower side of the leather(where the studs are located) to connect to the top for sewing. Sew the right side followed by the left side. You don't need to gum the sides because the ruggedness gives character to the item - like crafted by a true artisan. Now you can feel like a fullpledge blogger with your newly crafted card holder! 

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