Sunday, March 18

DIY Hilary Rhoda Necklace

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Ciao ragazze! Here's s new and easy DIY you can add to your accesories - a necklace and bracelet in one! Inspired by Hilary Rhoda, one of the "World's Next Top Model" as featured on the American Vogue along with famous models 
 Doutzen KroesCaroline TrentiniRaquel ZimmermannSasha PivovarovaAgyness DeynCoco RochaJessica StamChanel Iman, and Lily Donaldson.   Also giving you the option of using this season's color trends like yellow and green.I am really happy with the end result knowing that I could maximize the use of this accesory, besides, it can be paired for any day or night wear.

What you need:
a cord of any color you want
any chained necklace you have
crooked nose pliers
wire cutter/scissor
buttons with holes for crimping
1. Wrap a scotch tape on the tip of
 the cord like this for easy insert.
2. Insert the cord on every chain.
3. Tie the end of the cord with
wire and insert the hole button.
4. Crimp the button.
5. Cut the remaining wire.
6. Cut the excess cord. The end result will
 look like the photo below. And whalah, you're ready
 to wear your 
necklace and bracelet in one.

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